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Virgin Media broadband offers a variety of speeds from 10Mbps to 50Mbps with unlimited monthly downloads. Broadband prices start at just £5 a month and can be bundled together with Virgin TV and the Virgin telephone service to bring the cost down yet further.

Buy Virgin Broadband L Package

Up to 10Mb broadband

Up to 10Mb broadband for just £6.75/month for 6 months then £13.50/month

Buy Virgin Media Broadband XL Package

Up to 30Mb broadband

Up to 30Mb broadband for just £9.25/month for 6 months then £18.50/month

Buy Virgin Media Broadband XXL Package

Up to 50Mb broadband

Up to 50Mb broadband for just £12.50/month for 6 months then £25/month

Whether you go for the Virgin size M, size L or Size XL broadband packages there is sure to be something for you with the latest broadband speeds now available to the vast majority of the UK. Depending upon which Virgin broadband package you choose you will also receive up £300 of discounts and offers per annum including free photo prints, games and much more.

Virgin broadband has also brought out one of the UK’s first pay as you go broadband services which has proven very popular. With this service you only pay for what you use and there are no installation fees to worry about.

It looks as though Richard Branson has done it again with the launch of an array of Virgin broadband packages aimed at the most basic of surfers to heavy internet users.

There are a number of official sites which cover the broadband packages on offer which include,, and although there are also a number of popular typos such as,, , ,,, and

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