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Like BT broadband, virgin broadband availability has increased substantially over the last few months although some areas of the country do not yet have access to the high-speed network which is catching headlines. However, as the virgin fibre-optic broadband network continue to increase in size and scope the company does have a national broadband service which is available to the vast majority of UK public.

Virgin Broadband Coverage

Virgin broadband coverage is as good as any other broadband provider in the UK and as the fibre-optic network expands and broadband speeds increase this can only get better for UK broadband users. In many ways virgin media broadband is “ahead of the game” and head of many competitors as the fight for survival and dominance of UK broadband market continues.

Virgin Broadband Bundles

Virgin broadband was over a significant number of bundles which can incorporate telephone, TV and broadband services at deeply discounted prices.

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