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While Plusnet Broadband has been around for some time it literally came out of no where taking many of the leading UK broadband providers by surprise. The key to the success of the Plusnet Broadband packages is the focus upon customer care and support.

Plusnet Broadband Packages

Plus net Broadband also caters for a vast array of different internet users which include Plusnet Broadband Your Way Pro for gamers as well as well as a number of options for the more traditional UK broadband user.

Plusnet Broadband is also at the forefront of the competition for the fastest broadband speeds in the UK and while current speeds of 8Mbps are common place throughout the many Plusnet Broadband offerings, this is set to increase substantially over the coming months. Those who keep up to date with the broadband industry will be well aware that Plusnet broadband has received a massive number of consumer awards and regularly tops the polls for best value and best broadband provider in the UK.

While many expected Plusnet to fade away the group is very much going from strength to strength and setting the pace for the UK broadband market.

Plusnet Broadband Packages

Even though Plusnet Broadband is now a well recognized brand in the UK broadband market there are still some who are not sure which URL is the correct one. The main URLs are and but there are many which are entered in error such as,, and to name but a few.

Other popular broadband suppliers include

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