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The breakdown of O2 mobile broadband speed can be split into two areas which are the 3G mobile network and the HSDPA network, which is the latest in broadband technology offering vastly improved speeds across the UK. O2 broadband speeds for the 3G network vary up to 384Kbps although for the HSDPA network (which is being made available to more and more users in the UK) speeds range from 1.8MB to 3.6MB which is extremely quick for mobile broadband.

O2 Broadband Speed

However, the picture regarding O2 broadband is very different for those with O2 home broadband, with speeds from 8MB to 20MB available across the UK and across the variety of O2 home broadband packages. Many mobile broadband companies such as O2 are looking to use landline broadband as a means of attracting new customers, using their extremely quick broadband speeds to attract attention, and then offering them mobile broadband bundles and discounts to use additional services.

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