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O2 broadband help whether applicable to the O2 mobile broadband or O2 home broadband services is available online 24 hours a day seven days a week. The O2 broadband help section contains a number of the more basic broadband questions you may have and there is also the opportunity to speak with an operator or e-mail your problems directly to O2 broadband.

O2 Broadband FAQ

O2 mobile broadband in particular has caused issues with some customers who are not used to setting up mobile broadband connections and may have difficulty obtaining a signal. While the O2 mobile broadband dongle is very simple to use, using a plug-in and play mechanism, in many ways it can be too simple with some O2 broadband customers convinced it should be more complicated!

O2 Broadband Help

Check out the frequently asked questions in the help section as a starting point and you should be connected to your O2 broadband in no time at all.

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