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While BT broadband continues to grab the headlines regarding BT broadband speed improvements over the last few months, with 50MB broadband speeds apparently just around the corner, the company currently offers 8MB download speeds as standard across its array of broadband packages. However, this is slightly misleading as the company is known to be working upon improved broadband speeds for many parts of the UK as well as the fibre-optic network which has become the focal point of the future of UK broadband.

BT Broadband Speed

While other broadband providers in the UK may advertise download speeds which appear to beat BT broadband speeds on offer, there are some areas of the UK which are still unable to receive these enhanced broadband speeds. An 8MB reliable broadband speed has seen many customers returning to British Telecom broadband which has allowed the company to invest significantly into its future broadband operation.

BT Broadband Information

BT broadband speeds are reliable, available throughout the UK and set to increase in the short, medium and longer term.

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