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BT currently has 4 broadband packages available which include BT fast and reliable broadband, BT heavy use broadband, BT unlimited broadband and BT inside and outside the home broadband. Prices start at just £7.95 a month and come with broadband speeds of 8Mbs, a massive monthly download allowance and a range of wireless routers.

BT Broadband Packages

While BT Broadband continues to come under attack from broadband competitors there has been a new push by the UK telecoms giant. BT Total Broadband has caught the attention of many in the market and it seems as though many older BT customers are flocking back to tack advantage of the new BT Broadband packages on offer.

It was recent announced that BT is on the verge of investing upwards of £1.5 billion on a new broadband fibre optic network which will see broadband speeds increase across the UK.

The Wireless BT Home Hub offers up to twice the range of most internet broadband providers in the UK and is proving to be a very useful weapon in the fight for control of the UK broadband market. After suffering from cut throat competition in the UK broadband market over the last few years, BT Broadband is fighting back and starting to make serious inroads.

BT Broadband Packages

As well as a host of official sites which cover the BT broadband packages on offer - including,,, and - there are also many typo urls and unofficial sites which include,, and

Other popular broadband suppliers include

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