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Broadband NewsIn a substantial development in the broadband industry Ericsson, the well-known mobile phone company, has announced a new technology has allowed the company to achieve broadband speeds of 500Mbps using conventional copper wire broadband networks. While the speed is only achievable over a very short distance it may well have a significant use throughout the UK and worldwide broadband industry.

The idea is that the technology could be used to cover the “last mile” which is effectively the distance between your nearest telephone exchange and your home. For many people this is where the impact of high-speed broadband services are reduced as the further you are away from the exchange the slower your broadband speeds will be in general terms.

While British Telecom continues to push ahead with a multi-billion pound fibre-optic network in the UK, which could take a few years to complete, it looks as though we could have a reliable alternative in the short term which could fix the problem of the “last mile”. The introduction of the super speed broadband over the “last mile” could speed up the introduction of HDTV and video on demand, two services which are eagerly awaited by consumers around the world.

Ericsson is also working on significant improvements to current mobile broadband speeds and we await news of these developments in due course. It seems as though things are changing in the worldwide broadband industry!

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