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There is no doubt that 3 mobile broadband speed is becoming more of a selling point for the company as significant investment in mobile broadband speeds continues to pay dividends. Three mobile broadband offers UK coverage which is amongst the highest in the sector and while current 3 mobile broadband speeds are advertised at 2.8MB the truth is that their system can handle speeds up to 3.6MB. The fact that three mobile broadband is willing to undersell its broadband speeds so that customers are not disappointed is a rarity in UK market in itself.

3 Mobile Broadband Speed

Interestingly, three mobile broadband is on the verge of doubling its mobile broadband speeds to around 7.2MB which will put the company streets ahead of many other mobile phone operators in the UK who are looking to grab a slice of the mobile broadband market. Over the last few months, 3 mobile broadband has been working on improved broadband technology which has been imported from the Far East and is starting to have a significant impact on the business. By 2009 the company expects to have 98% mobile broadband coverage across the UK which will see more and more mobile broadband customers signing up.

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